Agri-communities or “agrihoods” are popping up around the country as the farm-to-table concept has gained in popularity.  The site of the Lykke Condominiums goes back in history where this is the original site of the farmhouse and the owners worked not only their large spread of land but their personal garden providing their family with fresh fruits and vegetables. 


The Lykke Condos have a great asset with some of the richest soils in Montana and the Lykke Condos want to continue the legacy of a bountiful garden as a small-scale agri-community providing fresh fruits and vegetables to the residents.

We are working on retaining a Master Gardener to provide guidance and assistance with the  maintenance and cultivation of these assets to achieve optimal production from the garden and orchard for the condominium owners.  Once under full ownership of the association the cultivation of this space will be at the direction and discretion of the condominium association.

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