The site of the Lykke Condominiums has a long history of farming and ranching with this being the last remaining infill lot in Bozeman's Southbridge Subdivision.  The developer has made every effort to preserve the existing mature trees and natural landscape. The team has given the utmost thoughtfulness to the site plan by designing a low density condominium project for its residents to take advantage of all the amenities the site and neighborhood has to offer.   

Most of the mature trees on the raw site were salvaged or relocated to different areas of the property.  The condominiums have been thoughtfully placed to capture the natural landscape and much will remain untouched.  This a rarity in Bozeman as mature trees and landscapes don’t typically exist in new construction. This leaves behind a quiet and tranquil site to enjoy home. All residents will have access to a private entrance to the park and open space. 

We are working on retaining a Master Gardener to provide guidance and assistance with the  maintenance and cultivation of these assets to achieve optimal production from the garden and orchard for the condominium owners.  

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Scandinavian design utilizes natural materials and the Lykke Condos features many European building materials that feature sustainable practices, energy efficiency components, and are just outright beautiful. Using high quality products is in a way the most sustainable as the increased lifespan of such quality building products reduces waste and decreases both energy and replacement costs in the long run.

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Materials Used

Lundhs Real Stone Countertops and Backsplash

  • Natural stone Slabs are cut from Larvikite quarries in Norway
  • Durable enough to be used as commercial flooring
  • heat resistant up to 575 Degrees F
  • Ultra high density provides means extremely low absorption and stain resistance
  • Requires no regular maintenance

Innotech Windows

  • $33,000 window package per unit
  • Dual action tilt and turn operation for superior air movement and ease of use
  • Reinforced with structural galvanized steel
  • Industry leading thermal insulation
  • Industry Leading air, water, and sound resistance
  • German engineered and manufactured in Canada
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Siparila Siding-Quality Scandinavian Wood Siding

  • Made from slow-growth Nordic whitewood from Finland
  • Results in tough, dense, and straight-grained wood
  • Harvested sustainably from only PEFC certified forests
  • High quality surface treatment with 15 year warranty
  • Tongue and groove system eliminates surface nailing and provides a clean, smooth look
  • Click here to learn more about Siparila, a sustainable driven company

Rainscreen Siding Application

  • Siding is installed on furring strips leaving a gap for the siding to “breathe” and promotes water drainage-increasing the longevity of the siding
  • Not only attractive, but adds another thermal layer of protection to your home from the elements
  • The air space reduces hot and cold air and thermal movement-reducing energy costs

“Flash and Batt” Insulation

  • This insulation system combines 2-inch layer of closed cell spray foam in addition to fiberglass batts
  • Reduces air leakage and keeps the stud bay above the dew point
  • Improves R-Values and wall thermal resistance
  • Above and beyond current energy code

5kW Solar Array

  • Standard on all Lykke Condos
  • Utilizes clean, pure energy to reduce your carbon footprint
  • System utilizes net metering enabling electrical savings of $600-$750/year
  • Owners may be eligible for Federal Tax Credits (eligibility determined by an individuals tax advisor)
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Haro Engineered Hardwood Flooring